Beginning a new business has been invigorating for me.  Way back when I chose my name and designed my first logo, I remember being so proud. I even sent pictures off to my brother Cody, on his mission in Hawaii.  The name “Broken Images” isn’t the usual mommy-photog name; I could always have gone with Amber Peck Photography, but this fits me better.  Filing for my DBA (which is like a pre-business license) felt very official, like I was growing up a tiny bit.  I even get (junk) mail addressed to my company.  And now this updated website!  Things just keep getting better.

My kids’ elementary school is having an auction this weekend.  My husband and I are both donating services; he’s offering a website or logo design, and I’m offering a free 45 min session for up to 6 people.  It feels good to have a skill that is valuable to other people, and one that I enjoy so much.  Crossing my fingers that our auction items earn some big bucks for the school!

(In case you have any design needs, take a look at my hubby’s site.)



Our auction items